Social Media Marketing & Managment

Mile Marketer makes navigating the complex maze of social networks a breeze!

A robust social media presence is vital for ANY business

Most business owners already use Facebook in some capacity (we do), but your social media presence shouldn’t stop there. Successful businesses are leveraging multiple social streams to promote their brand and connect with their customers. This interaction and multi-stream approach proves to be beneficial in both customer sales and retention.

The hardship is keeping track of all those accounts and making sure to post entertaining insightful content on a regular basis. That where our Social Media Marketing & Management Packages come in.

We can cater a plan to utilize the networks that make the most impact and have the highest chance of increasing profit.

Your social media is where your customers WILL connect with you

420 billion people are active on social media.

Make sure your company is ready to connect with your customers on their social media platform of choice. We can connect your website to your Facebook, your Facebook to your Instagram, your Instagram to your LinkedIn… the knee bone’s connected to the leg bone.

Be sure that your company social media marketing is as impressive as the rest of your company.

Social Media Management

Our Hands-Off Solution to Social Media Marketing

We maintain every aspect of your social media presence. From posts to photos, we handle it all.

Our Social Media Marketing & Management plans offer the ability for your to benefit from constantly updated social media accounts offering fresh and relevant content to search engines and your customers.

We’ll set up a schedule that fits both your brand goals as well as the search algorithms and our team will post content to your accounts that is relevant and entertaining.

Focus on your business not your social accounts

We can automate the entire social media interaction process leaving you more time to focus on what's really important... running your business.