Marketing Insights & Tools

Our customers have a ton of data at their fingertips. From marketing insight data to an interconnected network of industry resources, we can show you how to utilize the data to drive customer interaction.

Marketing Insights Data Streams

The key to a successful business is having the right knowledge. Get the tools and expertise to give you an edge over your competition and steer your marketing efforts to give you the best return on investment.

Speed up decision making for your marketing dollar

Customer data drives everything we do

We track every interaction that your visitors have with your marketing.

Marketing insights allow us to monitor how a user is navigating your site, what they are/aren’t interested in, and what makes them convert from a potential customer to a paying client.

The average ROI for enterprises using business intelligence and analytics is 1300%. That could be a substantial saving in time and money and we can show you how with marketing insights. The data we collect is non-sensitive and does not affect your users’ privacy.

The power of a connected network

The Mile Marketer Network expands your business' capabilities

Through our dedicated network, Mile Marketer has a direct connection with a motorcoach parts inventory upwards of 30,000 items. This network also connects retailers and service providers and allows discounts network-wide.

This same network can be used internally to provide a resource for obtaining parts and products branded to your company at a wholesale cost.

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Expand Your Product Offerings

By integrating our network into your marketing you’ll have the ability to offer thousands of products and not have to store any inventory.

Create New Products

Have you had suggestions from customers about new products? We can help you make those products a reality to offer them.

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