Marketing Insights & Analytics

Understanding data to initiate growth 

Good marketing starts with a goal

You can't manage things you don't measure.

If you can’t track your marketing efforts, how do you know what’s working and what isn’t?

Most business owners look at their books on a regular basis. We feel it’s just as important to look at your digital marketing data. Marketing drives sales, so keeping up with campaigns helps focus those efforts.

Our marketing data provide our clients with a clear understanding of the effects that their selected products are having on their site and marketing efforts as a whole. This gives us the ability to make adjustments to be sure we are providing the biggest bang for our clients’ buck.

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Good Data Drives Big Sales

Good marketing data is a valuable business asset that helps you drive sales using brand tracking, analysis, reports and complete optimization. 

Continued Finessing

We are constantly adjusting your campaigns to continue to drive the growth of your brand.

Ready to start getting a better understanding of your customers?

Mile Marketer can track every behavior your user makes on site. From the time they land on the homepage until they leave the site. We can tell you what they looked at and what they didn’t even see.

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of marketing teams say marketing data insights are crucial to company growth
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Lost per year in the US because of inaccurate or poor-quality marketing data. In 2018 it was $15 MIL
Make your decision process fast and simple

Data analytics makes decision making 5x faster for your business.

Stop operating on assumptions. Thousands of companies are actively utilizing data analytics to help make logic-based decisions.

Our tools allow you to get that marketing data in real-time without the complications of traditional market research.

You'll always know what we know.

At every marketing meeting, your sales rep will go over a overview report of your marketing data. They will cover any changes to traffic, ad spending suggestions, goals and the outcomes of our efforts. It is also an in-depth look into what channels are bringing the best ROI as well as what was/wasn’t effective. 

The average ROI for enterprises using business intelligence and analytics is 1300%. That is, more than likely, STAGGERINGLY higher ROI than any other marketing tools at your disposal.

Businesses utilizing data analysis see increase profits

Faster, informed decision making with real-time marketing data