Search Engine Optimization

Mile Marketer builds white-hat SEO into every project we work on.

Our specialized procedures help your site get found at the top of the search results and stay there.

What does search engine optimization do?

Mile Marketer Customer Driven SEO

Advanced Transfer

Moving your site can be damaging to your search rankings if not done correctly. We preserve your current SEO, expanding on the good and eliminating the bad.

Customized Content

Our search engine optimization methods include fresh content marketing that the search engines love to see and increase the likelihood that a potential customer turns into a paying customer.

Authentic Link Building

Search engines are the GPS of the web. They find all the places a customer wants to go and make it easy for them to get there. We ensure search engines get them to you.

Keyword Research

We do the research on your company and your competition and develop a comprehensive roadmap to rank ahead of your competition.

In-Depth Analysis

You’ll have all the proof you need with our built-in analytics. Your sales rep will discuss this data during each marketing call so that you know how your site is performing.

Constant Monitoring

We monitor your rankings and are constantly improving things on the backend of the site. If we something that needs changes we can make those changes in a heartbeat. 

What exactly does "White-Hat" mean?

We focus on user-driven content that the search engines love!

Focusing on how your customers interact with your digital marketing directly improves how your site ranks in the search results.


The use of search engine optimization techniques and strategies that target a human audience opposed to a search engine resulting in high search rankings.
  • Produces a variety of high-quality content that matches user intent
  • Includes using well-labeled images with thoughtful alt text
  • Uses in-depth targeted keyword research organically on a page
  • Complies with search engine guidelines and uses authentic link building strategies


The use of search engine optimization tactics that are used to rank a website that violates search engine guidelines and causes low rankings.
  • Put out low-quality, duplicated, or heavily templated content
  • Uses more dated SEO practices, like keyword stuffing and invisible text
  • Takes a target keyword and overuses it throughout a piece of content
  • Strategy is to purchase links possibly blacklisting your website from search engine results.

70-80% of people ignore paid search results, choosing to only click on organic search results.

So? Ready to take the next step?

If you’re ready to start showing up at the top of the first page of the search results, give Mile Marketer a call and we’ll start on a plan to get everyone clicking on your links.